About Me


I’m Jahdal– A big time foodie, lover of love and weirdo! I constantly have conversations with myself and thought to be less weird by writing my thoughts on a site. I created this space to chronicle my journey at being deliberate in/with life, sharing my thoughts and essentially writing meaningfully. I would love to read from you! You can reach me by leaving comments or via the contact form. Cheers!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

I love LOVE

I love food

I love pink

I believe heaven is pink

I love searching for information….if it’s somewhere on the internet (and unrestricted –  duh I don’t work for the FBI 🙂 ) then I’ll most likely find it

I love laughing…a good sense of humour is certainly required within my personal space

I’m altruistic….maybe to a fault, well let’s see how this goes

I hold true friendships dear to heart

I love ME