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Some questions I generally receive about the Express Entry process and living in Canada –

Q1) Should I use an agent/consultant for my immigration to Canada?

A) It’s a relatively straight forward process and there’s tons of free information online to guide you. If you do not like to research or read and you can afford it then you can contact an agent.

Q2) I don’t have the proof of funds to show, can I borrow it?

A) Legally, you are not to use borrowed funds as proof of funds. However 2+1 = 3 and 3+0 is also = 3 “a market has several entrances”. lol go figure!!

Q3) Should I move to Australia or Canada?

A) I suggest you weigh the pros & cons of both depending on your situation and likes/dislikes. If you are a believer then you should definitely pray about it. Remember that people relocate for different reasons so one answer cannot suit everyone.

Q4) Which province should I settle in Canada?

A) Once more, this will be determined by your situation and likes/dislikes. Also, some job industries thrive better in one province than the other. British Columbia (BC) is beautiful, has the best weather in Canada but is more expensive than other provinces. In comparison, the standard of living in Saskatchewan is not as high as BC but the weather is not as great. It’s best to read about each province and check the job opportunities as well. Once more, if you are a believer, then you should definitely pray about it.

Q5) Is it true that the taxes are high in Canada?

A) Yes but schooling is free, healthcare is almost free, it’s relatively safe, the roads are good, there is work/life balance, there are jobs (survival or professional), people are relatively helpful and kind, there are great government funded settlement initiatives for newcomers/immigrants etc. It all depends on what you choose to focus on.

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